Dream Big: A Big Gigantic Story

Project Details

Client: Big Gigantic

Release Date: September 24, 2015

Online: biggigantic.net

Prod Co: Cinesthetics

Director: Steve Conry
Producer: Scott Lynch
Steve Conry
Scott Lynch
Director of Photography: Steve Conry
Camera Operators:
Steve Conry
Scott Lynch
Location Audio: Jon Casler
Camera Assistants:
Ellen Feldman
Zach Feezel
Production Assistants:
Chase Bortz
Tyler Anderson
Big Gigantic Live Audio Mix: Ryan Balentine Featuring:
Dominic Lalli
Jeremy Salken
Dave Watts
Gabe Mervine
Jason Mabrey

Big Gigantic and Cinesthetics go way back to when they were both getting their start in Boulder, CO. And so to celebrate the band's selling out two back to back shows at Red Rocks Ampitheater they commissioned a documentary about their journey, passions and their desire to give back to the supportive community that surrounds them.

Covering their rehersals, planning the event and all the background action we weaved a story of their metoric rise from a couple of dreamers to playing in front of 20,000 people. This was a once in a lifetime chance to document both Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken in their element and coming home to give back to the people that gave them their start.

Once the project was finished, Billboard got wind and became the premiere partner to show off the new documentary. You can check out the great article by Matt Medved HERE

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