Cpt. Captain - Cheerios

Project Details

Client: Cpt. Captain

Date: June 2013

Online: cptcaptain.com

Prod Co: Scott Lynch Productions

Producer: Scott Lynch
Director: Scott Lynch
Cinematographer: Scott Lynch
Editor: Scott Lynch

I was given the unique opportunity to experiment with technique with this music video for Cpt. Captain. The budget for the project was tight so the big challange was to create a video using existing locations and props but to make it stand out.

I decided to shoot the entire video in portrait to take advantage of the limited space we had to shoot in and to be able to focus the design of each shot with each band member taking up the majority of the frame. I built a custom 90 degree bracket to rotate the camera into the correct orientation and the entire video was lit and shot in an afternoon. Considering the limited resources of this project I was plesently pleased with how it came out.

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