Electric Forest 2014

Project Details

Client: Madison House Presents

Date: June 25-29, 2014

Online: electricforestfestival.com

Prod Co: Cinesthetics

Director: Steve Conry
Producer: Scott Lynch
Steve Conry
Scott Lynch
Camera Operators:
Steve Conry
Viet Mac
Aerial Cinematography: Steve Conry
Location Audio: Scott Lynch
Camera Assistants:
Ellen Feldman
Mac Kozi
LJ Smith
Graphic Designer: Scott Lynch
Additional Footage: Eyewax Films

Electric Forest is one of those really special places. The annual music festival makes its' home amongst the trees and lakes of northern Michigan bringing a variety of art, electronic music and jam bands to over 35,000 attendees.

Going into the 2014 event, Electic Forest needed to find a way to communicate how big of an experiece the festival is. Working with Cinesthetics, we came up with the idea of making four companion short films along with a main recap of the event to show all the different facets that a fan can explore while at the festival. We targeted the experiences of Art, Music, Relaxation, and Community and designed a cohesive graphic look to tie the elements together.

While onsite we recorded interviews with artists, musicians, fans and partnered with the festival's Electric Forces to record interviews with military veterans. All of these elements came together to tell an honest story of what it's like to be at Electric Forest, and helped to propell the festival to a complete sell-out well in advance of the 2015 event.

Electric Forest 2015: Sold Out!
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