FIAT "A Whole New Spin"

Project Details

Client: FIAT

Date: December 12-14, 2016

Online: FIAT Facebook

Prod Co: Rodeo Show

Director: Michael Koerbel
Jennifer Bolivar
Raphael Leopold
VFX / Compositing: Scott Lynch

My friend Michael Koerbel, was embarking on his first 360 project for FIAT and the team needed some help with post production on the spot. My work focused on two of the areas in the commercial, namely the beach scene and the mountain scene. The shack on the beach had some unsightly wires and a large sign that needed to be removed and the mountain scene needed, well, a mountain.

I had only a few days to get the work finished, but the team and client were thrilled with the result. The spot went on to get over 6 million views between Facebook and YouTube and was featured in many articles about advertisers starting to play around with virtual reality. Check out the video to the right to see a breakdown of the VFX work and my thoughts on designing content for 360.

If you have one available, this video is best watched with a vr headset and headphones.

Videos In This Project
FIAT 360 - 500x Crossover

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