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Client: Zacuto Films

Date: Dec 2008-Mar 2011

Online: zacuto.com

Prod Co: Zacuto Films

Director: Steve Weiss
Scott Lynch
Steve Weiss
Jens Bogehegn
Cinematographer: Jens Bogehegn
Daniel Skubal
Andy Fink
Ed Pickart
George Patay
Camera Operators:
Scott Lynch
Daniel Skubal
Joe Dejulius
Patrick Fee
Matt Kelley
Kamaran Kahn
Jake VanKersen
Leo Koesterer
Andrew Wehde
Christian Mejia
Sound: Joe DeJulius
Cast 1:
Philip Bloom
Peter Hawley
Steven Dadouche
Steve Weiss
Cast 2:
Joe Swanberg
Kris Williams
Susan Buice
Steve Weiss
Cast 3:
Anish Savjani
Edward Seaton
Mike Michaud
Steve Weiss
Cast 4:
Joe Simon
John Goolsby
Steve Weiss
Cast 5:
Ron Dawson
Patrick Moreau
Kevin Shahinian
Steve Weiss
Cast 6:
Robert Primes, ASC
Trent Opaloch
Philip Bloom
Jens Bogehegn
Cast 7:
Ondi Timoner
Sean Dunne
David Grubin
Steve Weiss
Cast 8:
Stephen Goldblatt, ASC
Nancy Schreiber, ASC
Rodney Charters, ASC
Jens Bogehegn

FilmFellas was an episodic series that I helped create at Zacuto. The company was looking for a way to create original content for the web and to help tie that into the brand for Zacuto. Since the company made filmmaking accessories, the idea came up to create a show where four filmmakers would come into our studio, have dinner and just talk about what made them passionate about film.

As one of the first successful webseries, it was a fun experiement to see how long episodes should be and was a useful tool to dispel the concept that a video on the internet had to be less then 5 min. This show also helped sell the concept that a company could create original content for their customers and help improve their overall brand image.

The series was also a great jumping off point for me personally, as I had the chance to cast and interact with filmmakers from all over the world and meet a lot of people that I had looked up to during my early years. It also gave me the opportunity to start producing content on a professional level and learn how to create a consistant show over the course of many years. In 2011 episode 38 "Commitment to the Craft" was honored with a Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmy Award.

Outstanding Achievement for Interview/Discussion Programming: Scott Lynch, Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Producers

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