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Client: Zacuto Films

Date: Nov 2010-Sep 2011

Online: zacuto.com

Prod Co: Zacuto Films

Web Series Credits:
Director: Steve Weiss
Scott Lynch
Steve Weiss
Jens Bogehegn
Daniel Skubal
Executive Producers:
Jens Bogehegn
Steve Weiss
Eric Kessler
Writer: Scott Lynch
Camera Operator: Daniel Herman
Sound Operator: Matt McGowin
Crane Operators:
Marcus Del Negro
Harry Rabin
Crane Assistants:
Taylor Gianotas
Stephen Posner
Crane Gaffer:Michael Braniger
BTS Camera Operators:
Lan Bui
Vu Bui
Mike Ambs
Erica Hampton
Misa Garcia
Saul Garcia
Joshua Allard
Senior Editor: Karen Abad
Assistant Editors:
Scott Lynch
Daniel Skubal
Chase Kubasiak
Chris Voelz
Motion Graphics:
Chris Voelz
Daniel Skubal
Animation:Scott Lynch
Graphic Design: Melissa Morley
Post Production Assistant:Chase Kubasiak
Opening Animation:
Lorand Toth
Ovidiu Vlad
Sound Design:Radium Audio Ltd.

Test Credits:
Test AdministratorRobert Primes, ASC
Producer: Josh Siegel
Post Supervisior:Mike Curtis
Test Station Chiefs:
Stephen Lighthill, ASC
Matthew Siegel
Nancy Schreiber, ASC
Michael Bravin
Mike Curtis
Camera Masters:
Barry Russo
Dhanendra Patel
Dan Kneece, SOC
Yousef Linjawl
Sean Coles
Jeff Cree
Dave Frederick, SOC
Conrad Hunziker
Scott Jo
Chris Freilich
Scott Lynch
Head AC:Emil Hampton
Assistant Camera:
Michael Baltazar
Guy Godfree
Yuka Kadono
Steve Mann
Matthew Nauser
Luigi Zander
Amy Belling
Carlos De Varona
Nicole Ding
Jimmy Hammond
Jennifer Lai
John Paul Meyer
Colby Oliver
Eric Reining
Stephanie Schmidt
Travis Schott
Still Photographers
Yousef Linjawi
Marie Chao
Robert Primes, ASC
Operator:Raimund Almanza
Key Grips:
Peter Chrimes
Brian Deutsch
Best Boy Grip:Ellie Ann Fenton
Matt Turve
Brant Beland
Jeff Stewart
G E Swing:
Erin Kibbe
Ted Lauck
Alicia Varela
Verion Allen
Jason Cochard
Aashish Gandhi
Michael Garcia
Chris Geukens
Danna Kinsky
Drew Moe
Paul Samaniego
Torrey Schoerner
Yvheniy Zhuk
Lead Data Wranglers:
Harry Boileau
Eric Ulbrich
Data Wranglers:
Carmen Del Toro
Brandon Dolson
Digital Acquisition Operators:
Brandon Bussinger
Jennifer Braddock
QC Supervisior:Bill Hogan
ACES Consultant:Alexander Forsythe
Image Scientist:Jack Holm
Editor:Dan Liu
Jeff Pantaleo
Bob Currei
Fujinon Lens Tech:Miles Shozuya
S.Two Recorders TechTed White
Motion Control Techs:
Tome Boelens
Jow Lewis
Miles Lewis
Makeup & Hair:Leonard Engelman
Tabletop Stylist:Rhonda Raulston
Production Assistants:
Johnny Serrato
Amber Lammon
Kelly Thompson
Sieva Shybkou
James Hiatt
Screen Talent:
Charley Feldman
Silvana Warnes
Jon Jackson
Grace Lee
Thai Phuong
Hope Jaymes
Rome Brooks
Audrey Malone
Claudia Sandivel

The Great Camera Shootout 2011 was a massive project that I'm really proud to have helped produce. The year before I had produced the Great Camera Shootout 2010 with Zacuto, but I had wanted to produce a scientifically sound camera evaluation that would really educate the viewer about the changing technology of digital cinema and explain the science behind it.

We re-enlisted Robert Primes, ASC to design and administer his own tests and together with Josh Siegel we helped them produce the Single Chip Camera Comparision (SCCE) in LA in two rounds. One of the biggest challanges was collecting the 12 digital cinema cameras all together in one place to do the testing. Working with partners at the camera companies we were able to get all these cameras collected and staffed every camera with experts that were able to produce the highest results. A few of the cameras were so rare at the time that only a few were in existance at the time of testing.

After all the test footage was collected and put through a meticulous post process, we screened the test footage all around the world to different groups of cinematographers to get their feedback on the cameras and the new technology. All of these comments were recorded and then we produced a three-part webseries about the test that also included the test footage so that filmmakers on the internet would be able to view the results for themselves.

This was a highly influential series that helped shape the current landscape of digital cinema and helped to educate new filmmakers about the technology that was now available to them. The series is still being shown in filmschools around the world and is still considered to be the landmark camera comparision series ever produced.

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