Hank Frisco: Galaxy Defender

Project Details

Client: Hank Frisco

Date: 2012-2014

Online: hankfrisco.com

Prod Co: Quicklips

Series Created By:
Joe DeJulius
Patrick Fee
Matt Kelley
Scott Lynch
Joe DeJulius
Scott Lynch
Writer: Matt Kelley
Scott Lynch
Joe DeJulius
Patrick Fee
Matt Kelley
Jake Vankersen
Chris Voelz
Daniel Skubal
Camera Operators:
Alejandro Marin
Patrick Fee
Scott Lynch
Alex Birnie
Matt Kelley
Scott Cupper
Neil Arsenty
Tim Heurlin
Emily Collins
Jake Vankersen
Larissa Zageris
Cam Crosson
Allison Williams
Mo McKibbon
Jake VanKersen
Catherine McCafferty
Editor: Scott Lynch
Special Effects: Scott Lynch

The year is 3842 and the Earth is dying. Captain Hank Frisco and his crew must scour the galaxy for the one rare element that might save our planet, the elusive Grey Matter.

Hank Frisco: Galaxy Defender is a sci-fi, adventure, comedy webseries that I helped create with a bunch of my friends in Chicago. It started out as a creative exercise to produce an original comedy series, and ended up gaining a following of fans who would help us sell out the premiere of each episode. Referencing classic sci-fi of the past, the series was designed to have a b-movie feel complete with in-camera effects, monster costumes, miniatures and sexy space babes.

In 2013, the series was honored as an official selection of the New York Television Festival.

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