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Client: Zacuto Films

Date: Feburary-June, 2013

Online: zacuto.com

Prod Co: Zacuto Films

Director: Steve Weiss
Scott Lynch
Steve Weiss
Jens Bogehegn
Executive Producers:
Eric Kessler
Steve Weiss
Jens Bogehegn
Senior Editor: Scott Lynch
Daniel Skubal
Chris Voelz
Co-Producer: Josh Fisch
Additional Cinematography:
Mick Jones
Philip Bloom
Graphic Assistant/B-Roll:
Chase Kubasiak
Roberto Schaefer ASC AIC
Steven Fierberg ASC
Elliot Rosenberg
Robert Primes ASC
Peter James ASC ACS
Janusz Kaminski
Bruce Logan ASC
Haskell Wexler ASC
Vilmos Zsigmond ASC
Richard Crudo ASC
Philip Bloom
Polly Morgan
Conrad Hall ASC
Frederic Goodich ASC
Stephen Goldblatt ASC BSC
Ryan Walters
Den Lennie
Michael Negrin ASC
Nancy Schreiber ASC
Francis Kenny ASC
Stephen Lighthill ASC
Michael Koerbel
Daryn Okada ASC
Victor Kemper ASC
Mick Jones
Ron Garcia ASC
Rodney Charters ASC CSC
Russell Boyd ACS ASC
Isidore Mankofsky ASC
Colt Seman
Gordon Willis ASC
Roger Deakins ASC BSC
Vittorio Storaro ASC AIC
Alan Thatcher

Cinematography, like all art forms, must first be inspired from something within the artist. The technical and formal aspects can be taught, but to capture an emotion and move an audience through visual storytelling belongs to the realm of true artists.

Light & Shadow asks legendary cinematographers to share their personal perspectives on the art of cinematography and what that art form means to them. Eluding any kind of traditional textbook answers, the program digs deep into the aspects of creativity, talent and drive that form the basis of success.

Light & Shadow was part of the original content that I helped to develop at Zacuto. The company designs and manufactures film-making equipment and started creating original shows and content to promote the brand among filmmakers. Light & Shadow was one of the documentaries we made for their audience. It was very well recieved by the community and was honored with two regional Emmy awards by the Chicago / Midwest chapter.

Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for Informational/Instructional Programming: Scott Lynch, Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Producers

Emmy Award for Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air, Director: Steve Weiss
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