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Project Details

Client: Neeaaudio

Date: April 2014

Online: neeaaudio.com

Prod Co: Scott Lynch Productions

Producer: Scott Lynch
Director: Scott Lynch
Editor: Scott Lynch
Cinematographer: Steve Conry
Sandra Patton
Tanika Edmonds
Cougar Littlefield
Clyde Norman
Julie Benner
Ariel Eve
Location Audio: David Griesinger
Production Assistant:
Ariel Eve
Animation Designer: Scott Lynch

NEEAAUDIO is looking to shake up the business world with new communication innovations. The new startup asked us to design, write and animate two videos to help explain their new services.

The first video pokes fun at all the hassle of traditional conference calls, we came up with a style that emulated a horror trailer circa 1950 which then morphs into a slick and modern explination. This helps reinforce how NEEAAUDIO is rethinking the old way of doing a confernce call and how the new way is simpler and easier for everyone.

The second video helps explain a new class of business product, the click-to-call feature. This product allows any website to include a button on their website that allows the user to automatically call the business to get an answer right away. No more clunky contact forms or complicated international dialing, with just one click everyone is instantly connected.

Videos in this project

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