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Client: Zacuto Films

Date: Feb 2012-Aug 2012

Online: zacuto.com

Prod Co: Zacuto Films

Director: Steve Weiss
Scott Lynch
Steve Weiss
Jens Bogehegn
Daniel Skubal
Executive Producers:
Jens Bogehegn
Steve Weiss
Eric Kessler
Test Administrator: Bruce Logan, ASC
Web Series DP: Jens Bogehegn
Assistant Producer: Chris Voelz
Web Series Camera Ops:
Danit Sigler
Alejandro Marin
Lan Bui
Vu Bui
Location Sound:
Eric Anthony
Morgan Jensen
Scott Lynch
Senior Editors:
Daniel Skubal
Scott Lynch
Assistant Editors:
Chris Bokarhi
Mallory Bridges
Chase Kubasiak
Pat Sarnacki
Cassandra Tyler
Chris Voelz
Graphic Design: Chris Voelz
Camera Masters:
Rodney Charters, ASC
Ryan Walters
Mick Jones
Nancy Schreiber, ASC
Polly Morgan
Den Lennie
Michael Negrin, ASC
Michael Koerbel
Jonny Zeller
Colt Seman
Colorist: Jimmy Cadenas
Assistant Director: Dana Scott
Test Camera Operator:Terry Bowen
1st AC:Robert Sanchez
Equipment AC: K.C. Capek
Data Wrangler:Phillip Walter
Screen Talent:
Marcus Farne
Kaitlyn Griggs
Jamie Jason
Jason Laws
Akilah Moore
Andria Mullins
Justin Smith
Jimmy Styx
Nikki Wells
Amanda Westrick
Gaffer:David "Louie" Lukasik
Key Grip:Scott Theile
Best Boy Electric:Trevor Kodat
Best Boy Grip:Cortland Boyd
E.J. Hunteman
Mike Del Greco
Cam Crosson
Nathan Sorensen
Production Designer:Margaret Goddard
Prop Master:Christina Wojatas
Art Assistants:
Drew Bender
Scott Beattie
Gina Flammio
Lead Makeup Artist:Ann Marie
Makeup Assistants:
Alison Lyons
Nicole Rogers

Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout was the third installment of the camera comparison series I produced for Zacuto Films. The premise of this series was to see if the viewer could be able to tell the difference between different cameras when the cameras were operated by professionals. We assembled 12 cutting edge cameras, everything from a $100,000 Sony F65 to a $500 iPhone and placed each of them in a professional setting and meticulously repeated a series of shots.

We then assembled these shots and showed them to viewers in calibrated screening rooms in 12 countries. The catch was the viewers didn't know which camera was which and they were asked to pick their favorite based on a subjective opinion. The goal was to remove any bias to see if a skilled filmmaker would be able to use any of these cameras to tell a compelling story. The results were completely surprising!

There were three cameras that were generally picked to be the best, the Arri Alexa, the Red Epic and the Sony F65. Each of these three cameras are high-end cinema cameras commanding a price of $50k-$100k. But the surprise was a little DSLR by Panasonic called the GH2. Because of how the camera masters shot their footage and masterfully used more light on set, many viewers when shown the footage in a blind setting chose the GH2 as one of their favorites, even though it cost only about $1500.

This test stirred up a lot of opinions when we started showing it, some filmmakers saw it as vindication that talent was more important then equipment while others attacked it for disrupting the status quo of the filmmaking industry calling it a threat to their livelihoods.

Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012, was honored with a Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmy award for Outstanding Achivement in in the area of Interview/Discussion.

Outstanding Achievement for Interview/Discussion Programming: Scott Lynch, Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Producers

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