Stowaway: Portable Roofrack - Kickstarter Campaign

Project Details

Client: ETHIC Made

Date: May 2016

Online: Kickstarter

Prod Co: Scott Lynch Productions

Director: Scott Lynch
Assistant Camera: Riley Hanlon
Associate Producers:
Daniel Haarburger
Robert Van Dusen
Music: Lullatone

The design and marketing team at Ethic Made got in touch with us to help with a ground breaking new product they were bringing to market. They needed help designing a Kickstarter video that would reflect the values of their brand, be cost effective and have a clear impact on the campaign.

We helped design a main Kickstarter video along with some supplemental teaser material and professional product photos. Special consideration to include "easter eggs" of other products that had successful campaigns on Kickstarter are cleverly hidden throughout the main campaign video. The company leveraged these hidden easter eggs to promote their campaign and entice potential customers to check out the video.

They launched in October of 2016 and within a few days hit their goal. By the end of the campaign the team exceeded their goal by over 320%.

Videos In This Project
Stowaway Kickstarter
United Way - Find Yours

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