United Way Website Launch

Project Details

Client: United Way

Date: April 20-28, 2015

Online: unitedway.org

Prod Co: Scott Lynch Productions

Director: Scott Lynch
Producer: Scott Lynch
Animator: Scott Lynch

I was really happy to receive a call to help the United Way launch a brand new redesign for their global website. They needed a series of animations that could be played at their annual conference that illustrated how the new UnitedWay.org was mobile-friendly and to show all the new functionality.

Working with the United Way team to determine the best way to feature the website, we came up with six animations that would play in between speakers at the conference. This was a quick job but one that I was happy to be apart of.

Videos In This Project
United Way - Home Page
United Way - Volunteer
United Way - Find Yours
United Way - Stories
United Way - Donate
United Way - Mobile

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