Universal Sports Rugby World Cup

Project Details

Client: Universal Sports

Date: May 22-23, 2015

Online: universalsports.com/rugby

Prod Co: Cinesthetics

Director: Steve Conry
Graphics Director: Mike Jones
Graphics Asst Directors:
Ryan Walker
Mark Plunkett
SVP of Production: Dean Walker
Line Producer: Scott Lynch
Coordinating Producer: Don Cardona
Production Coord: Brian Mason
Cinematographer: Steve Conry
Camera Operators:
Scott Lynch
Marcel Morin
MoVi Tech: Marcel Morin
Gaffer: Karl Siebrecht
Studio: Denver Studios
Studio Manager: Jacque McNair
MUA: Pamala Johnson
Talent Coordinator: Brett Willis
Production Assistant: Joe Plante

This project was a collaboration between us and the guys over at Universal Sports. The Rugby World Cup was coming up in a few months and Universal Sports needed a completely fresh new graphics package for their complete coverage of the tournament. They needed a whole bunch of live animation plates shot in slow motion and high resolution on a greenscreen and so they sent Steve Conry and I some mood boards of what they were trying to achieve.

Universal Sports - Rugby Mood Board

We decided to shoot on the biggest greenscreen in Denver located at Denver Studios. Working with Karl Siebrecht we flew a 20x20 above the entire set and punched just about every 5k and 2k they had to give us a very broad and even top light. Using a 10x10 for fill to give each scene directionality.

Universal Sports - Rugby BTS

We delivered our 5k and 4k footage to Ryan Walker and Mark Palantte who designed some really awesome motion graphics that really made our base footage look great.

Videos In This Project
Universal Sports - Rugby World Cup

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